Reversed Card MEanings

Some tarot readers will interpret a card differently if it appears upside-down. Reversed card readings are the subject of much debate. Some guidebooks state a specific reversed meaning for each card. Some readers say that reversed cards simply mean the opposite of the card right side up, a method that I consider simplistic and unhelpful. Others simply don’t read reversed cards at all. What you do is up to you. My only suggestion is that you decide before you start a reading if you are choosing to read card reversals or not, and which direction is ‘right-side-up’.

I will not be giving reversed meanings in this book. In general, I believe that a reversed card indicates that the qualities of the card have become blocked. Using this formula, it is often the goal of the subject to remove the blockage and turn the card right side up. I find this method helpful, because I only need to know the right-side-up meaning of the card in order to interpret my own reversed meaning. You may choose to use this method, or any other method for reversed meanings. You may also choose to just shuffle your deck so that cards always end up right side up. It’s up to you.